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The Missouri Mid-South Conference is the collection of local congregations belonging to the United Church of Christ in Missouri, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tenn. Together, these congregations are more than 20,000 members strong.​

The United Church of Christ is just that — a united church — which means our local congregations across the country are as diverse as the country as a whole. We encompass a broad spectrum of beliefs, values, histories, and worldviews — joined together in covenant to be a church of unity — but not demanding uniformity or unanimity.

Just as each individual congregation is unique, so is each Conference with its own sense of character and calling. Our Unifying Call is:

“We are the United Church of Christ in Arkansas, Memphis, and Missouri. United by Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, we support and empower one another in our unifying call to embody God’s love and mercy for all.”

We live out our Unifying Call through four Core Ministries, which give focus to our covenant to be the church together:

  • Creating Community: The ministries we create to engage with one another and the wider church.
  • Pursuing Justice and Equity: The ministries we do to faithfully impact change in the world around us.
  • Visioning the Future: The ministries we do to provide governance oversight and make our world look as God created.
  • Empowering Congregations: The ministries we do to help local churches thrive.
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