Older Adults Ministries

Find support, guidance, and direction.

Committed to Enhanced Involvement for Lay Leaders and Retired Clergy


Our Older Adults Ministries Team works to engage and celebrate the gifts of laypeople and clergy alike, recognizing the particular needs and perspectives that shape the faith journeys of older adults later in life. This team seeks to enhance involvement for older adult church members and retired clergy in their church and community.

Older Adults Ministries Priorities:

  • Recognition of the value of older adults along with the many ways they serve church and community
  • Education to raise awareness about how older adults can enrich and revitalize congregations
  • Assessment of the needs of local churches in relation to older adults

Highlights of Available Programs and Resources:

  • Existing models of older adult ministries
  • Biblical and spiritual perspectives on aging
  • Visitation and support of retired clergy and isolated elderly
  • Life stages, care giving, change, and loss
  • Opportunities and contributions of older adults to church and community
  • Offerings of CHHSM (Council for Health and Human Services Ministries) organizations for this age group

To become involved or learn more about the Older Adults Ministries Team, contact Joyce Bathke via the Conference office.

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