Join us in ‘A Just World for All’ ministry.

Pursuing ‘A Just World for All’

“A Just World for all” is the vision of the United Church of Christ. In the Missouri Mid-South Conference, we work toward that vision in many ways. Explore some of our ongoing and recent efforts in ministries of justice.

  • Medical Debt Relief
  • Osage Headrights — Emerging Ministry
  • Rural Internet Access Emerging Ministry
  • Shannondale Ministries
  • Anti-Racism Work

Working for Justice Together

Because of our belief that we can have greater impact on the world when we work together, the Missouri Mid-South Conference has a long history of sharing in ministry with other organizations. Some of our ministry partners were once mission projects of the Conference, and are now separate nonprofit organizations.

We are proud that Missouri Mid-South Conference is home to more organizations of CHHSM (The Council for Health and Human Service Ministries) than any other Conference in the UCC.

Our ministry partners include:

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