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Our churches include urban, suburban, small town, and even rural settings within the Association. Along with congregations in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area, the Association also includes churches in Little Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn. Our congregations offer a variety of worship styles, reflecting the approach and tradition of each church. Our history is rich and varied, with churches from the German Evangelical and the Congregational traditions, along with newer churches that have joined in recent years. Some of the outreach ministries that the Association supports include Neighborhood Houses, St. John’s Community Services, Isaiah 58 Ministries, Joint Neighborhood Ministries, Union Communion Ministries, Lydia’s House, and Doorways. We also work ecumenically through groups, such as Habitat for Humanity.

This committee works with those who feel called to serve God in a local setting; through a chaplaincy call, church setting, or other church-related nonprofit organization. In working closely with individuals throughout the Member in Discernment (MID) process, the committee walks alongside them on their pastoral formation journey, exploring their sense of call and reflecting on their growth. When the time comes, the Association ordains them and celebrates the beginning of a new journey in ministry.

This committee works with churches and clergy in the Association to help sustain healthy relationships through communication and support. The committee also provides Boundary Awareness Training and Racial Justice & Equity Training for clergy. reviews requests for licensure of pastors, and installs new pastors in their church settings. The committee also offers additional programs to support the work that God has called each church and clergy person to do.

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