St. Louis Association Committee on Ministry: Preparation

Resources and guidance for candidates called to ordained ministry.

We celebrate the Spirit who calls individuals and congregations to ministry! We are here as covenant partners when a person is in discernment about such a pull-push-prod. The United Church of Christ organizes itself so that we respond to God’s call in community. We are 12 disciples representing a dozen churches in our St Louis Association — half laypeople, half clergy and balanced for gender. We cherish the church and are committed to helping individuals and faith communities identify and grow the gifts and opportunities for authorized ministry.

The designation ‘Member in Discernment’ (MID) is used to describe the person engaged in a period of preparation, assessment and discernment that precedes a decision by an Association to permit a person to seek an ordainable call in the United Church of Christ. The Committee on Ministry: Preparation (COM:P) of the St. Louis Association acts on behalf of the entire UCC and is called to counsel, evaluate and discern each candidate’s call, gifts and preparation for ordained ministry within the UCC.

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Members in Discernment requesting a formal recommendation letter from STL Committee on Ministry: Preparation (STL COM:P), please allow a minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline/when recommendation is needed to allow enough time for STL COM:P to prepare and submit.

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