St. Johns Evangelical UCC, St. Louis, Mo., recently opened “Logan’s Community Playground,” an accessible and inclusive playground in honor of a late member of the church, Logan Zielinski.

“He grew up in our church … he was the church’s kid,” says St. Johns Rev. Debby Harness. “One of things about Logan, like when I would do a children’s message, if for some reason if I didn’t have enough of something, he would say ‘Here, give them mine.’”

Zielinksi, 12, was an active member of the church when he passed away in 2021 in an accident. His family and a committee at St. Johns have worked together over the past year since his death to fundraise money to build an inclusive and accessible playground on the church property next to the dog park.

“If there was one thing about Logan, it was including other people,” says Rev. Harness.

Learn more of how Logan’s playground came to be from Rev. Harness.
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