May 19, 2023

The MMSC Board of Directors recently approved creating a new position, Associate Director of Outdoor Ministries, which combines the vacant Executive Director of Camp MoVal position and the Executive Director of Shannondale position held temporarily by Glenn Svetnicka.

After subsequent review of the Conference’s outdoor ministries needs, the Board has approved keeping Glenn on staff as the Conference’s first full-time Associate Director of Outdoor Ministries.

Tiffany Svetnicka also will be kept on staff part-time as Office Coordinator for Outdoor Ministries, serving both Shannondale and Camp MoVal as Glenn will do in his role.

“I am really excited about what this change means for our Conference. The creation of these new roles will move us toward a greater connection and functionality of the business of our outdoor ministries,” says Transitional Conference Minister Mary Nelson. “Having Glenn and Tiffany stay on, in particular, is a big deal because they already know Shannondale intimately and they have a wealth of experience from other Conferences, serving to strengthen our outdoor ministries that much more.”

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